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Marriage Guidance, Relationship Counselling, Family Therapy, Communication/Interpersonal Skills Training, Dating Agencies, Online Dating, Living Alone


WELL, Here You Can Discover How You Can Instantly

  • STOP Relationship Breakdown
  • EASILY Win Friends And
  • IMPROVE Social Or Work Life By 80% using
  • EASY Tried And Tested Methods
  • GUIDED BY Chartered Psychologist With Over 25 Years Experience

Here's something that is GUARANTEED to help you find love, have supportive loving relationships at work and play, manage your partner and stay in love forever.

All YOU have to do is listen, read or PLAY!!



12 Dating Tips

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get all the dates whilst others only get the brush off? Here are some really great secrets that can make the difference between being popular and having fun, and staring out the window on your own.



7 Ssecrets of Happy Relationships

I couldn’t understand why my parents had such a wonderful, long lasting relationship, and I was unable to maintain even one relationship for longer than 8 years.

read more ...


Relationship Superhero

Subscribe NOW to the 'Relationship Superhero' e-course, a mixture of tele-seminar recordings and e-mail tutorials. This 10 session programme hits right at the heart of the relationship game and covers exactly what you need to become good at relationships. Each session benefits from either a guided imagery session, a relevant hypnosis session or meditation delivered by autoresponder. AVAILABLE NOW!!!



How Singles Succeed at the Personal Relationships Game

One thing is certain if you are reading this, you have, at some time in your life, found yourself single, alone and looking for someone to love. When you are part of the Lonely Hearts Club, you hope against all hope that you will finally meet someone who will fit the bill and bring you back to happiness again. So you go on-line and subscribe to a dating site, singles group or register in the personal relationships section of a newspaper or magazine.