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Does It Work? Guaranteed!

Here's what other people have said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book Valentines Forever 3 -50 Ways To Meet And Keep Friends. It was professionally handled and thought provoking. I'm now surrounded with friends"
PB., London, UK

"Thank you for writing 'Valentines Forever - 50 Ways To A Loving Family' I saw my problems in a new light and used lots of ideas that fixed things for good. Thanks for the help!"
MB., Seaford

"This book is a real winner. 'Valentines Forever - 50 Ways To Keep Your Lover' certainly showed me how! It gave me a whole new approach to my marriage and now we are best of friends and perfect lovers.
JP., Scotland

Fully Guaranteed

Still Not Sure? Well, why not take a chance on us? Yes, that's right, completely free!!! If after you have read the books, joined the members area and signed up for the 'Relationship Superhero' you are still not satisfied, if you have participated in every opportunity to change and grow your relationships, joined in all the tele-seminars, completed all the exercises in the books and the e-tutorials and tried them out on your friends, family and loved ones, and are still not satisfied with the changes in your relationships then we will send you a full refund.

Just save a printout of your sign ups, sign ins and purchases and tell us what you have tried and what you have not tried. Send us copies of your completed exercise sheets and we will give you a full refund.

Yep, that right, a 'no questions asked' full refund. What could be fairer than that?