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Friends For Life

FRIENDS FOR LIFE- 50 'Friendship Builders' For Work Or Play

Do you want more friends, or just one very special person in your life? You can gain insights into how to meet new people, how to draw people towards you, ways to engage people until you become an irresistible people magnet!

Yearn for that someone special in your life? Well Book 3 will help you bring them towards you.

Practice the skills that you find in this book and you will find you overcome your fears about meeting new people and about communicating with them.

You will learn how to control the tensions and embarrassments that prevent you from getting close to others.

Not only that, but you will find out ways to effortlessly speak with people, how to be relaxed in close company or surrounded by a crowd without the usual overwhelming anxieties that were your 'old pattern of behaviour'.

You will find out how to create a new 'persona' who is free from anxiety and who loves the challenge and stimulation of communicating with people.

You will develop charisma and charm that will be irresistible to others. By reading this book and practicing the suggestions in it you will overcome fears, learn how to speak well to people, discover new ways of initiating conversations, learn how to move things on to another level.

You will gain insights into how you can become more desirable to other people and how to get them to do the things you like to do and the things that you would like them to do for you. You will discover how to be liked more, how to draw people to you and keep them with you.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book FRIENDS FOR LIFE - 50 'Friendship Builders' For Work Or Play. It was professionally handled and thought provoking. I'm now surrounded with friends"
PB., London, UK