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How To Be A Happy Family

HOW TO BE A HAPPY FAMILY - 50 'Family Fixers' That Will Work For You

Bad family relations? You will learn what it is about 'families' that hooks you right in, making you a target for other people's problems and resentments. In Book 2 you will learn just how to defend yourself and turn things around. You will also learn how to stop the game playing and join in the 'Happy Families' right where you live, here and now.

Don't allow your family to ruin your life. Find out how to break the old patterns and create new ways of being within your family group. Stop being the scapegoat for every bad thing that happens to you or to others in your family.

Decide now that you are no longer going to suffer at the hands of people in your family. Learn how to change the dynamics, to change the patterns, change the way you and your family see yourself forever. No more bullying behaviour, no more pressure, anxiety or stress that leads you into denial, obsessive / compulsive patterns or resentments that wreck your life and the life of those around you.

Even if you no longer have anything to do with your family through break-ups, loosing touch or separation and divorce, you can still turn things around.

If members of your family have passed away or you have no means of getting in touch with them you can still change things for yourself and others. You can learn how to move on from the thoughts and feelings that keep you locked-in to a cycle of loss or emptiness.

You can learn how to overcome your loss of boundaries, your loss of self-esteem, feelings of being hollow or undeserving. You can learn how to move on from anger and resentment, unhappiness and depression. You can adopt new beliefs and even possibly learn to forgive and forget, finally finding a sense of peace and goodwill that will let you move on.

Get gone, get over it and get going towards a new life - create the family you really want or start a new with fresh understanding and resolve not to repeat the behaviour patterns yourself that can harm others and make them cry, angry, resentful or sick. Bid bad behaviour goodbye for good. Healthy families hello and welcome.

"Thank you for writing 'Valentines Forever - 50 Ways To A Loving Family' I saw my problems in a new light and used lots of ideas that fixed things for good. Thanks for the help!"
MB., Seaford