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Price: $97.00

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This 'Relationship Superhero' e-course uses psychology to kick loneliness, rows, emotional problems and relationship issues into the dustbin.

Sessions are led by Angela Saunders, our leading Chartered Psychologist who has over 25 years experience with helping people to overcome their behavioural and relationship problems.

Angela knows what it is like to suffer from the emotional roller coaster of relationship breakdown, difficulties in finding the right partner, lost love and the sadness of feeling misunderstood and alone. 

Angela knows from years of  counselling others all about what works in overcoming relationship problems, whether caused by: a family misunderstanding, by parental, sibling or extended family relationship breakdown, mental or physical abuse, separation, hardship and isolation, rows and breakdowns in communication at work, loss or death of a partner or other loved one, or difficulties in expressing feelings, controlling anger, effects on relationships or families due to drug use or alcoholism. Now she brings all her knowledge and understanding, her methods of solving relationship issues and her unique 'Relationship Superhero' system to you.

Angela's jam packed programme is designed to help you change your family relationships, your friendships and to enhance personal relationships and work relationships so that you and your partner and / or family and friends (and colleagues) feel loved, cherished and supported and eager to share a life together forever.

Each week the sessions deal with another important aspect of relationship enhancement, building to a complete e-course that will change the way you feel about yourself and your loved ones for good. No more anger, loneliness, isolation, feelings of abandonment, depression or helplessness. No more feelings of self-loathing, no more humiliation, no more shame, just finding out how you can beat your problems.

You will learn how to use new tools that will change your thinking, your habits, your behaviour and your love life, so that relationship issues and obsessive / compulsive emotionally triggered behaviour and relationship breakdown is a thing of the past.

No worries about not being there for the live session, because each weekly session will be sent to you by autoresponde, to listen to and read whenever you need to.

Angela Says,
There is so much information I want to give you, so much I want to tell you and so much you need to know to get your relationships on track.

I want your relationships to become the best they can be. I want you to be the best friend, the best family member, the best partner or work colleague you can be.

I want your life partner to tell me just how wonderful you are, and I want you to sing their praises from the rooftops.

All that takes time, it takes dedication and it takes just the right kind of information to make it happen. Let's make it happen now.

I am expecting a massive response, so be one of the first people to benefit from this generous special offer. Don't be disappointed.

Here's what you get:

  • A ten week e-mail tutorial series
  • A ten week hosted teleseminar session onMP3

Week 1
E-Tutorial: Ditching The Autopsy - putting blame to rest. Teleseminar: A new way forward, The Truce Meditation.

Week 2
E-Tutorial: Learning To Talk - Becoming a good conversationalist and loving it too. Teleseminar: Giving attention, feedback, pacing and using no-blame tactics. Healing Voice Meditation.

Week 3
E-Tutorial: Building Rapport - getting along with people, Teleseminar: Building charisma - trust and honour. Relaxation Meditation.

Week 4
E-Tutorial: Roles we play - why they are important to us and to others. Teleseminar: Stereotypes - how they rule our lives, how to change them. The Encounter Meditation.

Week 5
E-Tutorial: Handling difficult situations and people. Teleseminar: Dealing with fear in yourself and other people. Discovering, discussing and solving these problems using methods that really work. Overcoming Fear Meditation.

Week 6
E-Tutorial: Self confidence Teleseminar: Cool under pressure. Self Confidence Hypnosis.

Week 7
E-Tutorial: Negotiation and winning. Learning to negotiate for what you want. Techniques that don't rock the boat. Teleseminar: Assertiveness for the non-assertive. I Can Succeed Hypnosis.

Week 8
E-Tutorial: Planning ahead - Building a future brick by brick How to stay on course. Teleseminar: Using networking and feedback for support. Building Your Inner And Outer Team Hypnosis.

Week 9
E-Tutorial: Social Events: Glamour, Social Conversations, Tips. Difficult moments and troubleshooting. Teleseminar: Getting and giving feedback and obtaining contacts. Charming, Sparkling, Confident You Hypnosis.

E-Tutorial: Making love lovingly. Creating the right atmosphere, ambiance, attitude, experience. Keeping the love alive. Teleseminar: Spending quality time together. Finding new things to share, new places to visit, revelling in what is different as well as what are the things that you share. Selfless sharing. Learning how to be in silence. The Joy Of Love Meditation.


The Relationship Superhero Complete 10 Week E-course represents a fantastic financial saving over the cost of equivalent personal one to one 'Professional' relationship counselling sessions.  In this format you are receiving the best information and skills guidance available at a fraction of the 'professional' cost. 

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