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The Programme

Relationship Hotline Presents


  • Our '3 Easy To Read' Books And CD'S (Live link to Books at shop)
  • Our 'Relationship Superhero' system of weekly audio sessions and email tutorials (live link to Relationship Superhero at shop)
  • Our Members Area Support coming shortly (Live link to members sign up form) Here you will find free articles and audio sessions, blog, hypnosis and motivational material to purchase, and loads more, Membership list opening soon.
Here's our Sponsor's message to you

"Don't spend the rest of your life wishing that you had a different set of friends, colleagues, a new family, or a new partner. Do what I did and change your life to save your relationships (even whilst keeping your existing friends, colleagues, family and partner)

The material here at this site is guaranteed to change the way you see your life and the people in it. You might not think you want to or even that you will, but it is possible that you may even find that you fall in love with them all over again!!